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What is D.Z.T.? (Whole Body Vibration)

Used by NASA, NHL, World Class Athletes, Hospitals, Gyms, Physiotherapy and Wellness Centres.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Training is a neuromuscular training method that utilizes a low to moderate vibration stimulus to improve muscular strength and power. A client stands on a vibrating platform and performs unloading exercises such as squats or lunges during 10 minute cycles.

The WBV platform produces oscillating vibrations that are delivered through the entire body. The vibrations are set to a specific frequency and amplitude to bring about the desired change.

Whole Body Vibration activates muscle spindles located in the belly of a muscle causing the muscles to contract continuously until the vibration stops. Muscle spindles work by activating neurons in the Spinal Cord. These neurons initiate movement by sending signals from the brain to the muscle. Muscular force is increased by WBV as a direct result of increased motor neuron activation by muscle spindles, leading to increased muscle strength and power.

Whole Body Vibration can:

· Increase muscle tone and strength in as little as 3 weeks

· Increase bone density in as little as 6—8 weeks

· Increase HGH (Human growth Hormone) output by 361%

· Increase Serotonin, Neurophin, Endorphins, Testosterone

· Decrease Cortisol (Our stress hormone)

· Burn Fat and tighten skin

· Dramatically increase your flexibility

· Improve energy

· Improve balance

· Relieve joint and back pain

· Prevent and treat Osteoporosis

· Stimulate the lymphatic system

Muscle Movement Increase Bone Density....

....Keeping Bones Healthy and Strong!

Especially Beneficial for People Over 60.....

......Reverse Common Symptoms of Aging