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Exciting events to be posted, be sure to visit again.

Katie's Bridal Shower at Make a Mess Art Studio

Katie's Bridal Shower. The group of us! Great Night!

2017 Meridian Women of Excellence Awards

Ronda presented with the Heart and Soul of the Community Award 2017 

For Pics Click Here!

Dr. Kamerin Matheson, ND & Ronda-Lynne Wiesner, RMT

at the Askennonia Centre Health & Wellness Fair 2016

Shannon Langridge, RMT and daughter Jorja

at the Coldwater Witches Walk

Ronda-Lynne Wiesner, RMT

at the Meridian Business Women's Awards Dinner

Dr. Kamerin Matheson, ND

at the Urban Slide in Penetang

Sonja Schaper, RMT as Mia of the 'Adams Family'

(Village Players of Coldwater)

Ronda and Cheryl with the Grinch at the 2017 Spirit of Christmas 'Whobilation'