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What is Personal Training? (Functional Fitness)

Functional Fitness focuses on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, Specific to your real life!! Are you a Rugby Player? Are you a busy Mom? Are you a Senior Citizen wanting to stay functional and self sufficient and independant and safe in your own home?

Fitness is not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine.

Its about your body, your health, your life, your goals!

What is Acuball

A favourite of professional athletes, called a ‘revolutionary healing tool’, recommended as a MUST have for back & neck pain by Dr. Oz, used by over 1,000 rehab clinics around the world – the Acuball has earned an industry leading reputation.

The Acuball’s patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat to:

  • relax tight muscles,
  • enhance joint movement,
  • reduce nervous system irritation,
  • stimulate blood flow to flush out built up muscle wastes,
  • release natural painkillers and sedatives,
  • improve nervous system energetic flow.

The Acuball’s specially designed acupoints and heat stimulate blood flow. This increases circulation, helping to ‘flush out’ built up toxins that accumulate in tight muscles causing pain. As these toxins release over time the muscle itself relaxes. Direct pressure from the acupoints also massages muscle and mobilizes joints, further enhancing pain free body movement.

The acupoints also stimulate your Central Nervous System, like acupuncture does, to release natural painkilling, relaxing and mood enhancing chemicals like enkephalins and endorphins. Because of this, people who use the Acuball in bed, before retiring for the evening, often report enhanced feelings of relaxation and deeper sleep.

When you use the Acuball on a tender area, you’ll notice that after three or four 20 minute sessions it’s a lot less tender than when you first started. Now you know why: wastes have been flushed out, muscle has been relaxed, joints have been mobilized, your nervous system is much less irritated…and so are you!